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11 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

What is it?, and How to drive traffic to your website?

You are starting your own business, you have chosen your product, designed your brand and created an online store. Everything looks great, now you’re wondering, how do I get visits to my site? In other words, how do I get traffic to my website?

To start a business as an entrepreneur could be challenging, and even harder if you need to build your brand’s online presence. On this article we’ll help you with some ideas and best practices on how to build an audience for your site, improve your web presence, to finally increase website traffic.

Website traffic, what is it? Web traffic is related to the amount of web users that visit a website. You can find some analytic tools like Google Analytics that measure those visits (sessions) and it’s a useful way to measure and track your online business performance when trying to attract an audience.

The more sessions you get, the more opportunities to sell your products or services you’ll have.

But, even if you get a good amount of traffic on your site, you could face lower engagement and if you are selling products or services perhaps low sales. This could be happening many reasons, but the most probably answer is because you are not targeting the right visitors for your business, in other words, you can’t sell dresses to someone that is looking for pizza, right? And that’s because those leads are not qualified to purchase your products or services.

Having said that, analytic tools will give you valuable information about the visitants of your site like demographics, quantity, how long did they stay on your site, behavior, conversion rates, the cost to drive traffic to website, etc.

How to increase website traffic?

As mentioned before, here are some proven tips to increase website traffic.

1) Create Blog pages

Gone are those days where people used to look for businesses on the yellow pages, newspapers, and traditional media. Today’s kings to find everything are search engines. Yes, those Silicon Valley companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are responsible to drive traffic on the web, so make them know in a way they can recognize that your business is out there somewhere on the internet is the first step. So, one effective and simple way to create and get an audience for your site is to create blogs pages within your website focused on content relevant to your specific niche. Those blogs should contain specific keywords and phrases that search engines, will identify and help them understand your site. Hence, the key is to increase your website traffic by creating a strong foundation of content relevant to your audience.

2) Keep your website content updated

Your website should look fresh, always evolving with information that keep your customers interested. This includes blogs, news, promotions, reviews, etc. As a tip, use sentences from your product reviews in your website description and you will help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3) Add new content to your site

This includes products or services. When someone is searching on Google, this search engines will prioritize fresh content over old content.

4) Mention experts and sources on your blogs or articles

Creating and building trust among visitors and potential customers doesn’t happen fast. In fact, it could take months or even more than that to do it. However, if you work with trusted voices, experts, and reliable sources, this will help your efforts and will make your job easier.

5) Be sure to submit your site to search engines.

As mentioned before, you should tell search engines your business is on internet, and for that it is important that these search engines, verify and check your website. A useful way to this is to submit your website to Google Search Console.

6) Build out your backlinks

In other words, build some public relations with others out there on the web. Have you heard the expression “Everything is about networking”? - well, internet is not the exception for this. In fact, the most you connect with others, the most other will connect with you as well and that could create tons of traffic to your site. Some ways to do it for free are:

  • Ask for interviews

  • Ask for product or service reviews on other websites.

  • Connect with other content creators and exchange content.

  • Get testimonials.

  • Get into forums conversations and link your page.

7) Study your business competitors and their audience

Look at similar business, how they work to attract their customers, what are they doing great or even wrong. Run keyword analysis of what they use on their social media content and channels. Then, try to repeat what you think it could work for your site and give it a try.

8) Use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to drive traffic to your website

It won’t bring organic traffic but is a good tool to increase website traffic.

As online business, you can promote products or services in buy and sell Facebook groups to help ensure you receive website traffic from people who are interested in buying your products or services. In addition, by combining Facebook ads with consistently posting on your Facebook page, you'll increase the chances of getting website traffic from various places in Facebook.

Direct Instagram posts to your site. In that way, followers will be able to visit your website. As with Facebook ads, Instagram ads could be a useful tool, too.

9) Engage visitors with email marketing

By creating leads with visitors that subscribes to your website you’ll be able to keep driving website traffic to your site or store when you reach them by email as long as your customers stay subscribed. You can create email campaigns that run periodically.

10) Create promotions or giveaways

This strategy will keep your users interested and it’s more probable that they also will share your site’s information with other people (word-of-mouth). Have in mind that if you do this you will get valuable insights about your web’s visitants and how to build future strategies for them in the future.

11) Work with influencers

This can be really helpful for site traffic. Developing relationships with influential bloggers so they talk about your brand in their publications is a good way to get free website traffic; get influencers to post about your brand and products, including links, on social media; send products for free to influencers and invite them to post an honest review on their channels.

In a brief, you don’t need to invest tons of money to start creating some strategies around your website and how to get traffic to it. At the end, keep things simple and little by little you will start seeing results.

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